How To Clean Your Bong

You may be used to smoking from a crusty bong with caked-on resin but I’m here to tell you, you should clean your bong.

How to clean your bong

A dirty bong can grow bacteria and mold. You don’t want that getting in your lungs!

Cleaning your bong and making sure it’s sanitary is important to your health and ensures you have a smooth smoke.

It might seem overwhelming but it’s really pretty easy.


Toss some Bong Aid Glass Cleaner or Agent Orange in your bong and let it soak for a few minutes, you can also give it a swirl.

Grab some pipe cleaners or the brush that comes with the Agent Orange Cleaner and brush away the loosened resin.

Rinse and voila! Your bong is clean and ready to be used.

If you’re in a hurry to clean your bong you can also use 70% or 91%Rubbing Alcohol, Hot Water, and Sea Salt.

Clean your bong today and enjoy a smoother smoke and save yourself from a lung infection! 👌

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